About D.I.S.

Doha International School is a private International school in Qatar since 1995.

Operating under the supervision of The Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Qatar. The school offers classes from Pre-school up to Grade 6 and a blended curriculum between the American CCSS curriculum and International standards that place a great emphasis on academic achievement, which allows children to transition to other schools and curricula with ease.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide a caring environment that focuses on the welfare of children. We are not a commercial enterprise or profit-seeking institution. Faculty and staff ensure a safe and healthy environment for students while actively promoting discipline, academic diligence, moral conduct and self-reliance; So as to enable them to take responsibility and help them aspire towards a positive, proactive community participation and social service.

The Doha International School is working towards a vision of prosperous, healthy and sustainable living by nurturing a culture of openness, respect, tolerance, understanding, cooperation, responsible thinking, ethical practice, dedication and a love for learning.

Teachers & Staff

The management and team of well qualified and experienced international teachers (from Europe and the Middle East), work collaboratively to overlook the academic progress of students in the school. Parents are welcome to inquire about their children throughout the year and as the need arises. We have adopted an open-door policy and special circumstances are dealt with transparently and in a manner that would be most beneficial to the students.

Term Dates 2019-2020


September   Payment of Fees   First Term
Tuesday 20 August First Day for Admin
Sunday 25 August First Day for Students
Tuesday 18 December Qatar National Day
Fri. – Sat. 20 Dec. – 4 Jan. Mid-year Holiday


January Payment of Fees   Second Term
Sunday 5 January First Day for Students
Tuesday 11 February Sports Day
March Payment of Fees Reservation for 2020-2021
Fri. – Sat. 13 – 21 March Spring Break
Sunday 22 March First Day for Students
Sun. – Tue. 24 – 26 May Eid Al-Fitr
Sunday 31 May Last Day for Students
Sunday 14 June Last Day for Admin

New Academic Year 2020 – 2021  

ِAugust     Payment of Fees    First Term
Sunday 23 August First Day for Admin (TBC)
Tuesday 25 August First Day for Students (TBC)