About D.I.S.

Doha International School is a private International school in Qatar since 1995.

Operating under the supervision of The Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Qatar. The school offers the American curriculum to classes from Pre-school up to Grade 6 . The school places a great emphasis on academic achievement, which allows children to transition to other schools and curricula with ease.

Mission & Vision

Doha International School aspires to establish a distinguished generation with a strong personality armed with the knowledge to face the challenges of life intelligently and objectively, while preserving the Arab-Islamic identity and culture and national constants, and celebrating international ethos.

Our mission is to encourage students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute positively to society and enable them to fulfill their future aspirations in a safe and healthy environment that motivates them to appreciate hard work, cooperation, honesty and sincerity.

Teachers & Staff

The management and team of well qualified and experienced international teachers (from Europe and the Middle East), work collaboratively to overlook the academic progress of students in the school. Parents are welcome to inquire about their children throughout the year and as the need arises. We have adopted an open-door policy and special circumstances are dealt with transparently and in a manner that would be most beneficial to the students.


Term Dates 2020-2021


August   Payment of Fees   First Term
Sunday 23 August First Day for Admin
Tuesday 1 September First Day for Students
Fri. – Sat. 18 Dec. – 2 Jan. Mid-year Holiday
December Payment of Fees   Second Term


Sunday 3 January First Day for Students
Tuesday 9 February Sports Day
March Payment of Fees Reservation for 2021-2022
Fri. – Sat. 26 Mar. – 3 Apr. Spring Break
Sunday 4 April First Day for Students
Thu.– Sat. 13 – 22 May Eid Al-Fitr
Wednesday 9 June Last Day for Students
Thursday 17 June Last Day for Admin