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Our working hours are 7:00 am to 13:30 pm. Call us on 44839384 or 50004839 for an appointment.

Communication With Parents Policy

Important Note: Parents are kindly requested to inform us if your contact numbers or e-mail addresses have changed, in order to update student data.

It is important that you save the name of the school and the number 50004839 in the list of contacts on your mobile phone, otherwise you will not receive all our urgent messages through Whatsapp.

The school is aspiring to nurture the relationship between parents and the school community to promote participation and development in a way that suits everyone. Therefor, we have developed a Communications Policy and procedures that we hope parents will follow to ensure the smooth running of the school.


Purpose of communication Available methods of Communication
  • General parents inquiries.
  • Inquiring about a child’s education/behavior
  • Informing us if a child will be absent for more than 2 days.
  • Submitting a suggestion or complaint

To inquire about the student’s development in school

  • A parent may contact us to schedule a suitable time to discuss the student’s affairs either by phone or by setting an appointment so that the parent can come to school in person.
  • Please do not come to school without a prior phone call or appointment to avoid disruption of the educational process and school operations.

To submit a suggestion

  • A parent may contact us by telephone or send us a written note with your suggestions.
  • We will discuss the suggestion with the relevant stakeholders and study the pros and cons.
  • If the proposal serves the public interest and satisfies the majority without causing any financial burdens, it may be applied or included in the school plan for later implementation.
  • Please do not use Facebook to submit proposals.

To submit a complaint

  • You may contact us by phone or send a written note to file a complaint.
  • The complaint is discussed with the parent and an investigation is conducted with all the people concerned to gather all information.
  • The Administration responds to the parent with clarifications and solutions to resolve the issue.
  • If there is still a disagreement between the school and the parent even after an attempt has been made to remedy the issue, you may register a complaint using the ministry’s private schools website, so that the ministry can participate in resolving the issue. After that correspondence continues on the site until the issue is resolved. This page describes how to use the site:
  • Please do not go to the Ministry of Education building before resorting to the site.


The school may also contact the parents to provide information or make announcements.

Purpose of communication Methods of Communication
  • General information about the school.
  • Information about the school policies, rules and procedures.
  • Reminders of important dates.
  • Reminders of general rules.
  • Important information about students’ behavior and their academic progress.
  • General parents- teachers meetings (the end of each term).
  • Closed meetings (after scheduling an appointment)
  • Official paper letters by hand. (if necessary)
  • Class Dojo application. (for some classes)
  • Google Classroom. (for some classes)
  • Sharing images of school and students activities.
  • Announcing events and urgent changes.
  • Facebook page:

  • Class DOJO (for some classes)
  • Google Classroom. (for some classes)