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Important Dates

April to October  Registration / Transfer of New Students from within Qatar
March to May  Payment of Reservation Fee for Returning Students
April to January  Registration of New Students from outside Qatar
August  Payment of First Term Fees
December  Payment of Second Term Fees

Important Notes

Valid resident permits are mandatory for student registration. If a residency permit has not been issued, the parent must obtain a special exception from the MoE in Qatar.Important Requirements in compliance with The Ministry of Education (MoE) for all students in Qatar:

  1. For students coming into Qatar the primary consideration when placing a student in a grade/year group will be their age in accordance to the equivalency table below. Students in very exceptional circumstances can obtain MoE approval to be placed in a grade/year that differs from the equivalency table by a year. MoE will make their decision based on the best educational, development and emotional interests of the child.
  2. If a student is enrolled in an age-inappropriate class, parents will be required to sign a consent form to show approval and awareness of implication and must also seek the approval of the MoE.
  3.  The school follows a very strict level-entry policy and will not accept students who are younger than their grade level.
  4. Students transferring from the British Curriculum will drop down one grade level as per Ministry of Education Regulations.

international system equivalence table

Age Equivalency Table for 2020-2021 at Doha International School

Born in… Age in September Grade Level of Entry
2017 3 yrs. Pre-school
2016 4 yrs. KG 1
2015 5 yrs. KG 2 (Reception)
2014 6 yrs. Grade 1
2013 7 yrs. Grade 2
2012 8 yrs. Grade 3
2011 9 yrs. Grade 4
2010 10 yrs. Grade 5
2009 11 yrs. Grade 6


New Students

Acceptance Policy of New Students

Accepting a new student into the school depends on the following factors, in order of priority:

  1. The age of the student is appropriate to his/her grade level
  2. There is a vacancy for the student in that grade level. If there is no immediate vacancy, the child will be placed on a waiting list.
  3. The student has passed the previous grade level successfully, otherwise he/she will repeat their class (this decision will made upon viewing the latest school report).
  4. The student’s mental and physical abilities are normal or above average. The school does not provide programs or facilities for students with special needs or learning disabilities.
  5. All Students will be interviewed to assess their academic level and behavior after scheduling an appointment. Entry tests and interviews are free of charge.
  6. Students that demonstrate bad behavior or a below-average academic level, will not be accepted into the school.
  7. The parent/guardian must provide the Documents Required for Registration below for review, otherwise the student will not be offered a place at the school.

Documents Required for Review & Registration

  • Three recent headshot photographs
  • Copy of valid Qatari ID of student (+ sight of the original)
  • Copy of valid passport of student (+ sight of the original)
  • Copy of Birth certificate of student (+ sight of the original)
  • Copy of updated immunization card (+ sight of original)
  • Copy of student health card
  • Health record document for ages 5 to 12 years old (original)
  • Previous school record of achievement / report (Primary level)
  • Copy of Qatari ID of the father and mother / guardian
  • Copy of Passport of the father and mother / guardian
  • Home address: Zone number, Street name and number, Building number
  • Registration fee of QAR 1000
  • Students transferring from other schools in Qatar must provide a letter from the previous school stating the passing Grade and behavior report of the student, and that there are no remaining financial obligations towards the school.
  • Students arriving from outside Qatar must provide an Arabic or English translation of their entire official documents and student record of achievement if they are in a language other than Arabic or English.

All required documents (listed above) must be brought to the school and the registration fee must be paid BEFORE filling out a registration form. The school will not make any photocopies.

Transferring from other schools WITHIN Qatar

  1. Once the registration fee has been paid, we will issue an enrollment letter stating the grade level in which the child is registered.
  2. This enrollment letter must be taken to the previous school in Qatar to begin the transfer process.
  3. We will fill in a registration form and the parent/guardian must sign it.
  4. The student’s name will be added to the school database.
  5. Once the MoE NSIS is activated, the student will be transferred officially on the MoE database.
  6. Transferring students can be made for the first term or the second term.

Transferring a student will not be possible if outstanding fees in the previous school have not been paid in full.

Transferring from OUTSIDE Qatar

  1. Acceptance into a grade level will be determined by the age policy first and by the equivalency table above.
  2. The student’s name will be added to the school database.
  3. Once the MoE NSIS is activated, the student will be transferred officially on the MoE database once MoE approves the age level.
  4. The last date for registering students from outside Qatar is 31 January 2021.

Returning Students

Accepting a returning student who was already enrolled at Doha International School depends on the following factors:

  1. The student has passed his/her grade level in the previous year, otherwise he/she will repeat their class.
  2. The student has demonstrated excellent behavior in the previous year and has never received a suspension notice.
  3. The student has not committed severe acts of vandalism, bullying, disrespect or severe offenses towards his/her classmates, teachers and staff
  4. The student was following school policies and rules consistently in the previous year.
  5. All school fees have been paid in full before March of the previous year.
  6. A reservation fee (as approved by the ministry of education) has been paid at the end of the academic year (by May 18th) to insure a place for the following academic year. This reservation fee will then be deducted from first term fees of the following year.

Students who do not fulfill the above requirements will be blacklisted and issued with a suspension and withdrawal notice.

No academic reports will be issued unless all outstanding fees have been paid.